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He-Man is a hero of the 80’s a time when the lines between “goodie” and “baddie” seemed much more distinct. Finn is a more modern hero where his adventures bring him into conflict with much more complex characters whose motives and goals don’t seem that far from our own. This piece is trying to juxtapose the two heroes to show that the world has moved on from the more politically cut and dried 80’s and He-Man’s punch first and ask questions later approach does not work in a modern world.



A Vintage 1980's He-Man and Battle-Cat were customized into Finn and Jake from one of the best modern cartoons; Adventure Time and so He-Finn and Battle-Jake were born.


This was meant to be a one off but after many requests a full resin version of He-Finn was created and 15 were put up for a limited release. This time included his back pack and with packaging based on the original vintage blister and card.


In 2016 He-Finn and Battle Jake were noninated for a Designer Toy Award in the Best Non Licenced catagory.