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Kaiju Onslaught


Kaiju Onslaught are a series of monsters that come with interlocking city street bases and little vehicles to show their scale.


Wave 1 consisted of the Atomic Newt (available in 3 colours) and Blobzilla (available in 2 colours) each came with a city base and either a cop car and/or a tank. They were released at ToyCon uk in 2015.

Wave 2 released at ToyCon uk in 2016 consisted of Ro-Bat (available in 2 colours), Ice Claw and Blobzilla (again in 2 colours). Each again came with the city base and in adition to the cop car and tank, a taxi, TV van, truck and saloon car. Each of wave 2 came with an illustrated header card that gave some of their back story.