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Urban Iron


In the late 21st century groups of obsolete robots began to band together in gangs.  These gangs could be mainly found in the metropolitan and industrial areas that they once worked, this lead to them being commonly known as Urban Iron. The most successful of these robots were the old Boxer units, their size and strength making them perfect for protection and extortion rackets.


The Urban Iron range is about more than cool looking robots, these pieces are makeing a comment about identity and the groups we choose to associate with. We, like the robots are created more or less the same, It’s how we adorn ourselves with tattoos and clothing that show what tribe or gang we belong to and who we are. The same is true of these robots; all they wish to do is find purpose in the modern world with like minded beings and is that not what we all want?


These 1:12th scale robots were released at ToyCon uk in 2016 each Urban Iron Robot has a unique paint job and fully posable arms, head and waist.